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Ronaldinho Quotes is an online resource for finding information on the famous Brazilian football player and male model. Includes famous quotes, biographical information, celebrity news and gossip, and pictures of Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho was born as "Ronaldo de Assis Moreira".
Ronaldinho Birthday - 21st of March (born 1980)
Zodiac sign - Aries

  • I think it is an important award because no one can judge soccer better than the players themselves.
    Ronaldinho Quote
  • The team played very well and I was delighted to help out with three goals.
    Ronaldinho Quote
  • I have the chance to do for a living what I like the most in life, and that's playing football. I can make people happy and enjoy myself at the same time.
    Ronaldinho Quote
  • The most important thing for us is to realize that last season is over and this one is completely different. And that if we don't run or battle until the end we won't win anything.
    Ronaldinho Quote
  • God gives gifts to everyone. Some can write, some can dance. He gave me the skill to play football and I am making the most of it.
    Ronaldinho Quote

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Ronaldinho Quotes - The All Famous People quotes by the famous Brazilian football player.
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