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Leo zodiac sign pictureZodiac - Leo Sign is symbolized with the "Lion" and is the fifth sign of the Zodiac.

Leos are born between July 23 and August 23.

Characteristics of those born under Leo include; generosity, charismatic, truthful, proud, enthusiastic, caring, and warm hearted.

Leos are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being conceitful, intolerant to others, snobbish, rigid, and is sometimes a bully.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign of Leo include Monica Lewinsky born July 23, Stephanie Seymour born July 23, Woody Harrelson born July 23, Jennifer Lopez born July 24 Iman born July 25, Kevin Spacey born July 26, Mick Jagger born July 26, Sandra Bullock born July 26, Arnold Schwarzenegger born July 30, Laurence Fishburne born July 30, Lisa Kudrow born July 30, Wesley Snipes born July 31, Coolio born August 1, Jerry Garcia born August 1, Martha Stewart born August 3, Martin Sheen born August 3, Steve Martin August 3, Billy Bob Thornton born August 4, Charlize Theron born August 7, David Duchovny of the X Files born August 7, Dustin Hoffman born August 8, Gillian Anderson born August 9, Melanie Griffith August 9, Whitney Houston born August 9, Antonio Banderas born August 10, WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan born August 11, basketball player Magic Johnson born August 14, Ben Affleck born August 15, Madonna born August 16, Robert De Niro born August 17, Sean Penn born August 17, actor Christian Slater born August 18, Denis Leary born August 18, Edward Norton born August 18, Robert Redford born August 18, American PResident Bill Clinton born August 19, Matthew Perry born August 19, Connie Chung born August 20, Isaac Hayes born August 20, country and western singer Kenny Rogers born August 21, and the famous American tennis player Pete Sampras born on August 22.

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