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Taurus zodiac sign pictureZodiac - Taurus Sign is symbolized with the "Bull" and is the second sign of the Zodiac.

Taureans are born between April 20 and May 20.

Characteristics of those born under Taurus include; determination, practicality, patience, sensuality, reliability, ambitious, and competence.

Taureans are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being lazy, inflexible, jealous, stubborn, and being greedy.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus include Carmen Electra born April 20, Andie MacDowell born April 21, Jack Nicholson born April 22, Barbra Streisand born April 24, Shirley MacLaine born April 24, Al Pacino born April 25, Renee Zellweger born April 25, Jay Leno born April 28, Penelope Cruz born April 28, Saddam Hussein born April 28, Andre Agassi born April 29, Daniel Day-Lewis born April 29, Jerry Seinfeld born April 29, Michelle Pfeiffer born April 29, Uma Thurman born April 29, Kirsten Dunst born April 30, Willie Nelson born April 30, James Brown born May 3, Audrey Hepburn born May 4, Tammy Wynette born May 5, George Clooney born May 6, Tony Blair born May 6, Traci Lords born May 7, Enrique Iglesias born May 8, Billy Joel born May 9, Bono of U2 born May 10, Linda Evangelista born May 10, Katherine Hepburn born May 12, Stephen Baldwin born May 12, Dennis Rodman born May 13, Harvey Keitel born May 13, Stevie Wonder born May 13, Cate Blanchett born May 14, George Lucas born May 14, Janet Jackson born May 16, Pierce Brosnan born May 16, Tori Spelling born May 16, Dennis Hopper born May 17, Busta Rhymes born May 20, and Cher born on May 20.

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  • David Beckham - (born May 2) Celebrity sports star, model, and well known English football player David Beckham (soccer player).

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